Book Reviews

“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.”
Joseph Brodsky

Reviews are alphabetically by surname.

Lauren A. Forry - Abigale Hall
Rachel Abbott - Kill Me Again
Alice Adams - Invincible Summer
Isabel Allende - the Japanese Lover
M.J. Arlidge - Pop Goes The Weasel
M.J. Arlidge - Liar Liar
Stevan Alcock - Blood Relatives
Steve Anderson - Lost Kin
Jill Alexander Essbaum - Hausfrau

Alison Baillie - Sewing the Shadows Together
Lisa Ballantyne - Redemption Road
Emily Barr - The First Wife
Caroline Barry - the Dolocher
Annie Barrows - the Truth According to Us
Quentin Bates - Thin Ice
Belinda Bauer - the Shut Eye
Greg Baxter - Munich Airport
Hannah Beckerman - The Dead Wife's Handbook
Owen Bedall -  Confessions of a Qantas Flight Attendant
Clare Bennett - the Prince George Diaries
Katarina Bivald - The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend
Saul Black - the Killing Lessons
Jenny Blackhurst- How I Lost You
Emily Bleeker - Wreckage
Judy Blume - In the unlikely event
Sharon Bolton - Little Black Lies
Cynthia Bond - Ruby
Eleanor Brown -the Light of Paris
Sandra Brown - Mean Streak
Robert Bryndza - the Girl in the Ice
Alafair Burke -the Ex
Alexandra Burt - Little Girl Gone
Jessie Burton - the Miniaturist 
Michel Bussi - After the crash

Helen Callaghan - Dear Amy
Louise Candlish - the Swimming Pool
M.J. Carter - the Infidel Stain
Judy Chicurel - If I Knew You Were Going To Be This Beautiful...
Angela Clarke - Follow Me
Chris Cleave - Everyone brave is forgiven
Katherine Clements - The Crimson Ribbon
Kateherine Clements - the Silvered Heart
Harlan Coben - One False Move
Oscar Coop-Phane - Zenith Hotel
Jane Corry - My Husband's Wife
Emilio Corsetti III - Scapegoat
Kathryn Croft - the Girl with no past
Kathryn Croft - the girl you lost
Julia Crouch - the Long Fall
Sara Crowe - Martini Henry
Chris Curran - Her turn to cry
Amanda Curtin - Elemental
Nick Cutter - the Deep

Brooke Davis - Lost & Found
Kit De Waal - My Name is Leon
Oscar De Muriel - A fever of the blood
Katerina Diamond - the Teacher
Tamara Dietrich - the Hummingbird's Cage
Anthony Doerr - All the Light We Cannot See
Rebecca Done - This secret we're keeping
Clare Donoghue - No place to die
Emma Donoghue - Frog Music
 Claire Douglas - Local Girl Missing
Therese Down - the End of Law
Steven Dunne - The Unquiet Grave  
Helen Dunmore - The Lie 
Helen Dunmore - Exposure
Sabine Durrant - Under Your Skin

Laura Elliott - the Betrayal
Janet Ellis - the Butcher's Hook
Harriet Evans - A Place For Us
Harriet Evans - the Butterfly Summer
Lissa Evans - Crooked Heart
Chris Ewan - Dark Tides

Roopa Farooki - The Good Children
Tana French - the Secret Place
Tana French - the Trespasser
Gillian Flynn - Sharp Objects
Gillian Flynn - Dark Places
Gillian Flynn - Gone Girl
Julia Forster - What a way to go
Christopher Fowler - Bryant & May: the Burning Man 
Ilana Fox - the glittering art of falling apart

Lyn. G. Farrell - the Wacky Man
Patrick Gale - A place called Winter
Mike Gayle - Seeing Other People
Tess Gerrittsen - Bloodstream (coming soon)
Tess Gerritsen - The Killing Place (coming soon)
Tess Gerritsen - Presumed Guilty (coming soon)
Tess Gerritsen - Die Again
Cass Green - the Woman next door
Jane Green -  Saving Grace
S.L. Grey - Under Ground
Hendrik Groen -  The Secret Diary of..
Daisy Goodwin - The Fortune Hunter
Bryony Gordon - The Wrong Knickers 
Bryony Gordon - Mad Girl
James Goss - Haterz

Emylia Hall -  A Heart Bent Out of Shape
M.R. Hall - The Flight
Kate Hamer - the Girl in the Red coat
Penny Hancock -  A Trick Of The Mind
James Hannah - The A to Z of You and Me
Sophie Hannah - The Telling Error
Sophie Hannah - A game for all the family
Sarah Harian - The Wicked We Have Done
A.S.A Harrison - The Silent Wife
Lindsay Hawdon - Jakob's Colours
Paula Hawkins - the Girl on the Train
Elizabeth Haynes - Human Remains 
Elizabeth Haynes - Behind Closed Doors
Veronica Henry - How to find love in a bookshop
Mick Herron - Real Tigers
Jason Hewitt - The Dynamite Room
Jason Hewitt - Devastation Road
Keigo Higashino - Malice
Sarah Hilary - Someone Else's Skin 
Sarah Hilary - No Other Darkness
Sarah Hilary - Tastes Like Fear
Jennifer Hillier - The Butcher
Victoria Hislop - Cartes Postales from Greece
Michael Hjorth and Hans Rosenfeldt - The Man Who Watched Women
SJI Holliday - Black Wood
SJI Holliday - Willow Walk
Lorraine Holloway-White - It's in their eyes
Lorriane Holloway-White - Hartford
Debbie Howells - the Bones of You
Debbie Howells - the Beauty of the end
Kathryn Hughes - The Secret
Catherine Hunt - Someone Out There


Sarah Jasmon - the Summer of Secrets
Anna Jaquiery - The Lying Down Room
Anna Jaquiery - Death In the Rainy Season
Dinah Jefferies - the Tea Planter's Wife
Louise Jensen - the Sister
Jack Jordan  Anything For Her
Jack Jordan - My Girl
Ragnar Jonnason - Snowblind

Annabel Kantaria - the Disappearance
Emma Kavanagh - Falling
Mary Beth Keane - Fever
Fionnuala Kearney -  You, Me & Other People
Fionnuala Kearney - the day I lost you
Jonathan Kellerman - Killer
Erin Kelly - Broadchurch a Novel
Michelle Kelly - When I Wasn't Watching
Claire Kendal - the book of you
Cristobel Kent -  the Loving Husband
Marian Keyes - the woman who stole my life
Iain King- Secrets of the Last Nazi
Iain King - the last prophecy of Rome
Renee Knight - Disclaimer 
Dorothy Koomson - When I was invisible
Mary Kubica - The Good Girl 
Mary Kubica - Pretty Baby
Mary Kubica - Don't you cry
Lynne Kutsusake -  The translation of Love
Vanessa Lafaye - Summertime
Alex Lake - After Anna
Harriet Lane- Her
Johanna Lane - Black Lake
Ward Larsen - Passenger 19
Jung-Myung Lee - The Investigation
Louise Lee - the Last Honeytrap
Aga Lesiewicz - Rebound
Jem Lester - Shtum
Billie Livingston - the Crooked Heart of Mercy
Stephen Lloyd Jones - Written in the blood
Sarah Lotz - The Three 
Sarah Lotz - Day Four

Virginia Macgregor - What Milo Saw
Virginia Macgregor - The Astonishing Return of Norah Wells
Clare Mackintosh - I Let You Go
Clare Mackintosh - I See You
Torquil MacLeod - Meet me in Malmo
Torquil MacLeod - Murder in Malmo
Gilly MacMillan - Burnt Paper Sky
Gilly MacMillan - The Perfect Girl
Laura Madeline - the Confectioner's Tale
Brooke Magnanti - the Turning Tide
Cesca Major - the Silent Hours
Dominique Maniotti - Escape
Dan Marshall - Home is Burning
Angela Marsons - Evil Games
Angela Marsons - Lost Girls 
Angela Marsons - Play Dead
Alex Marwood - The Darkest Secret
Rebecca Mascull - The Visitors
Rebecca Mascull - Song of the Sea Maid
Anna Mazzola - the Unseeing
Colette McBeth - Precious Thing
Colette McBeth - the life I left behind
Ava McCarthy - Dead Secret
Morgan McCarthy - Strange Girls and Ordinary Women
Claire McGowan - the Silent Dead
Molly McGrann - the Ladies of the House
M.J. McGrath - the Bone Seeker
Laura McHugh - The Weight of Blood
Leah McLaren - A Better Man
Catriona McPherson - the Child garden
Mark B. Mills -  Waiting for Doggo
Kinae Minato - Confessions
Bernard Minier - The Frozen Dead
Caroline Mitchell - Don't Turn Around
Maggie Mitchell - Pretty Is
Sue Monk Kidd - The Invention of Wings
Jonathan Moore - The Poison Artist
Ann Morgan - Beside Myself
Clare Morrall - After the bombing
Michael Morley - Spree 
Michael Morton - Getting life
JoJo Moyes - Me Before You
JoJo Moyes - The One Plus One 
Eva Mozes Kor - Surviving the Angel of Death
Yannick Murphy - This is the water

James Nally - Alone with the dead
Nele Neuhaus - Snow White Must Die 
Andrew Nicoll - the Secret Life and Curious Death of Miss Jean Milne
Carla Norton - Hunted
Keith Nixon - the Corpse Role
Liz Nugent - Unravelling Oliver

Tawni O'Dell - One Of Us
Tawni O'Dell - Angels Burning
Maggie O'Farrell - Instructions for a Heatwave
Maggie O'Farrell - This must be the place
Dermot O'Leary - soundtrack to my life
Alexandra Oliva - the Last One
Yewande Omotoso -  the woman next door
Hollie Overton - Baby Doll
Nikki Owen - the spider in the corner of the room
Nikki Owen - The Killing Files


B.A. Paris - Behind Closed Doors
Adele Parks - If You Go Away
Adele Parks - Spare Brides
Adele Parks - The State We're In
Leslie Parry - Church of Marvels
Tony Parsons - The Murder Bag
Tony Parsons - The Slaughter Man
Edith Pearlman - Honeydew
Tasmina Perry - the last kiss goodbye
Tasmina Perry - the house on Sunset Lake
Jodi Picoult - My Sister's Keeper   
Kate Pullinger - Landing Gear

Matthew Reilly - the Great Zoo of China
Ruth Rendell - Thirteen Steps Down
Eva Rice -  the lost art of keeping secrets
Hannah Richell- Secrets of the Tides
Hannah Richell - The Shadow Year
Kate Riordan - the Girl in the Photograph
Kate Riordan -the Shadow Hour
Imogen Robertson - Theft of Life 
Michael Robotham - Life or Death
Jennifer Robson - After the War is over  
Una Rose - the Tokyo Express

Saskia Sarginson - The Twins [coming soon]
Saskia Sarginson - the Other Me
Elisa Segrave - The Girl from Station X
Tony Schumacher - the Darkest Hour
Tony Schumacher - the British Lion
Lisa Scottoline - Keep Quiet
Lisa Scottoline - Every Fifteen Minutes 
Jane Shemilt - Daughter 
Aly Sidgwick - Lullaby Girl
Aria Beth Sloss - Autobiography of Us
Jane Smiley - Some Luck
Angie Smith - CXVI The beginning of the end
Angie Smith - CXVI Secrets Broken
Angie Smith - CXVI Desperate Measures 
Tom Rob Smith - The Farm 
Anna Snoekstra - Only Daughter
Bradley Somer - Fishbowl
Emma Straub - The Vacationers 
Emma Straub - Modern Lovers
Susie Steiner - Missing, Presumed
Keith Stuart - A boy made of blocks
Peter Swanson - the Kind Worth Killing
S.D. Sykes - the Butcher Bird

C.L. Taylor - The Accident
C.L. Taylor - The Lie 
C.L. Taylor - The Missing
Sandy Taylor - the Girls from See Saw Lane
Jo Thomas - the Oyster catcher 
Anne Tyler - A Spool of Blue Thread


Luca Veste - Dead Gone
Luca Veste - Blood Stream
Luca Veste - Then She Was Gone
Ferdinand Von Schirach - the Girl who wasn't there
Tom Vowler - That Dark Remembered Day

Helen Walsh - The Lemon Grove
Wendy Walker - All is not forgotten
Natasha Walter - A Quiet Life
Eleanor Wasserberg - Foxlowe
Sarah Waters - the paying guests
SJ Watson - Before I Go To Sleep
SJ Watson - Second Life 
Louise Welsh - a lovely way to burn

Louise Welsh - Death is a welcome guest
Tom West - The Titanic Enigma
Naomi Williams - Landfalls
Sarah Winman -  A Year of Marvellous Ways
Gina Wohlsdorf - Security
Monica Wood - the One in a Million Boy
Jake Woodhouse - Into the Night
Saul Wordsworth - Alan Stoob: Nazi Hunter
M.P. Wright - All through the night

Hideo Yokoyama - Six Four
Natalie Young - Season to Taste or How to Eat Your Husband

Markus Zusak - the Book Thief

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