The more observant of readers will notice that I made a conscious decision (quite some time ago now ) to remove star ratings from my blog. This was for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I think people put too much emphasis on star ratings, and they can become a false representation of your actual view of the book. 

For example, if I gave a book I loved 4 stars, you might be wondering why I haven't given it five, when I've spent weeks raving about it. Well to me - it wasn't perfect. 

Equally, I might have given four stars to a book that was 'okay', because it wasn't a three star read, as it offered something ...

Also, I think people don't necessarily read starred reviews. They just look at your star rating, and think okay, I might give that one a try, or I won't bother with that one. Which to me defeats the object of blogging.

I'm here to offer my opinion, not influence people in any way, and whether we believe it or not, I do think we allow ourselves to be influenced by star ratings.

That said, I understand why people give star ratings and I'm not going to criticise them for doing so, it's just not the way that I choose to review anymore.

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