Thursday 28 April 2016

Review: All Through The Night by M.P.Wright

All Through the Night by M.P. Wright
Publisher: Black & White Publishing
Release date: 14 April 2016
Rating: *** and a half
Back cover blurb: “It’s quite simple Mr Ellington. When you find Fowler, just ask where we can find the truth.” With these words, private detective JT Ellington embarks on a seemingly simple case of tracking down a local GP with a dubious reputation and retrieving a set of stolen documents from him. For Ellington, however, things are rarely straightforward. Dr Fowler is hiding a terrible secret and when he is gunned down outside a Bristol pub, his dying words send JT in pursuit of a truth more disturbing and deadly than he could possibly have imagined. 

All Through The Night is Mark Wright (or M.P. Wright)'s second novel to feature J.T. Ellington, his first, Heartlands was long-listed for the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award in 2015.

J.T. Ellington has arrived in the UK from the Caribbean, a man with a former Police career but a troubled background, he is now trying to make a living as a Private Investigator based in Bristol.

When he agrees to help a local woman who runs an orphanage to retrieve some stolen goods, he believes that the job will be a straightforward affair, and that he is doing a good dead.

Unfortunately he couldn't be more wrong.

What follows is a novel that doesn't allow you stop to breath as you follow J.T. Ellington through so many twists and turns that you won't know if you're coming or going!

It's hard to say more without giving away the plot, so I will leave it there, but I will say...

All Through The Night is very much a character driven novel, so if you are usually a reader of the Police procedural novel and are looking for something a little different, then this is definitely for you.
All Through The Night is available to buy now from;
Amazon online and Black & White Publishing.
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Thank you to the publisher who sent me an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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