Sunday 24 July 2016

Blog tour: The Beauty of the End by Debbie Howells

Today I am delighted to welcome Debbie Howells, author of the Bones of You, and The Beauty of the End to my blog to talk about:

A day in the life…

I love early mornings, especially in summer. It’s when I walk Bernard, our golden retriever, usually on the Downs; when it’s quiet – a good time to think.

After breakfast, I’ll sit down with my laptop and a large mug of tea. Invariably I’ll be checking emails, facebook, the latest long term rentals in Ibiza where my youngest sister lives because I dream about moving out there to join her, before skimming over what I’ve written most recently, with maybe some rewriting, before getting started with what’s next.

At the moment, with the publication of the Beauty of the End just a few weeks away, I’m writing other things – for blog tours, magazines, booksellers. I’ve just been away for a week on a tour of book shops and libraries with Rachel Abbot and Michelle Davies. It’s rare though. Most of the time, it’s me, my laptop and my dog, with occasional interruptions by Billy the cat, depending on how needy she’s feeling. 

When I’m writing a psychological thriller, I need as few distractions as possible, so that means quiet or maybe background music – definitely no lyrics! I write for as long as I can - productively – usually until early afternoon, by which time I really need a break – maybe some lunch and another dog walk, especially if I’m stuck with the plot in some way. It’s amazing how many glitches are resolved by walking! Then I catch up on housework, if I can’t put it off any longer or maybe have coffee with a friend. 

For me, one of the advantages of being a full-time writer, is being able to fit it around my children’s lives. There is no routine as they both work shifts, so I can spend time with them when they’re around and similarly, work all weekend when they’re not. If we’re all here, I love to cook, after which we’ll watch catch-up TV if we can agree on something.

I rarely go to bed late. I’ll read for a few pages, by which time there’s a cat curled up by my feet and my eyes are usually closing…

Credit: The Beauty of The End by Debbie Howells is published by Pan, priced £7.99 

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