Wednesday 23 August 2017

Review- The House by Simon Lelic

The House by Simon Lelic
Publisher: Penguin
Release date: 17 August 2017
Rating: *** and a half
Back cover blurb: What if your perfect home turned out to be the scene of the perfect crime? Londoners Jack and Syd moved into the house a year ago. It seemed like their dream home: tons of space, the perfect location, and a friendly owner who wanted a young couple to have it. So when they made a grisly discovery in the attic, Jack and Syd chose to ignore it. That was a mistake. Because someone has just been murdered. Right outside their back door. And now the police are watching them...

So the House is one of those novels that I think may divide opinion slightly. 

I'm still a little bit on the fence about it if I'm honest. The start of the novel gripped me. Then as the story developed I kind of lost my way with it a little, and by the end I was like what the hell just happened?

I suppose I should have seen most of what happened coming, I mean I read a lot of crime/thriller novels. But maybe this was just too different from anything I've read recently for me to get my head around?

The House of the novel's title is London couple Jack and Sydney's first house together. When they go for the initial viewing, Jack isn't keen. But he can't put is finger on why. 

Sydney on the other hand loves it, it is in the perfect location for them too.

Against all odds, their offer on the house is accepted, apparently the owner thought that they were the perfect couple for it to go to. 

But once they have moved in, the pair make a couple of discoveries that lead them to believe that the house might not be for them after all.

I can't really say anymore without giving too much away (it is one of those novels!). 

Let's just say that the gruesome discovery of a body in the alleyway beside their house has nothing to do with them living in a unsavoury neighbourhood, and is all about the house itself....

The House is available via Amazon online and all good book shops.

Thank You to the publisher who approved my request via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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