Tuesday 10 September 2019

Review - I Spy Bletchley Park by George Stratford

I Spy Bletchley Park by George Stratford
Publisher: Croybourne Publishing
Release date: 13 November 2018
Back cover blurb: Bletchley Park in Peril. Deeply embittered by the government’s seizure of her financially ruined father’s Buckinghamshire estate, Lady Margaret Pugh swears revenge on all those in Westminster. With World War II looming, Hermann Goering then makes her an irresistible offer if she will agree to spy for him. Before long, the many curious comings and goings at nearby Bletchley Park capture Margaret’s attention. And as she starts putting all of the pieces together, so Britain’s most vital war secret becomes increasingly in peril of a devastating bombing raid. In response to this suspected threat, a young working-class WAAF is thrust untrained into the world of counter-espionage. Thanks to a prodigious musical talent, Betty Hall is uniquely placed to infiltrate Margaret's private life. But matters suddenly escalate, and the fate of Bletchley Park soon hangs entirely on Betty becoming ever more deeply and dangerously involved. With countless lives at stake, two most determined women find themselves fighting a very private war.

From the moment we meet Lady Margaret Pugh, it is clear that she is ambitious, but ambition can be a very dangerous thing, particularly in war time, as she is about to discover.

Betty Hall is a young working class WAAF with an exceptional talent who finds herself in a secretive job role at Bletchley Park.

Betty’s life is about as far removed from Margaret's privileged upbringing as it is possible to be, but her love of music and talent as a pianist bring her into Margaret’s world.

The trouble is that Margaret’s world is nothing like Betty imagined. A life of privilege and ambition, riddled with wartime espionage. And it is this espionage that brings Margaret to the attention of Betty’s colleagues at Bletchley who suggest that she may wish to try a little espionage of her own to help the war effort.

Betty quickly realises she is out of her depth, but she signed up to help the war effort, and is not about to let her inexperience, naivety or a little thing like friendship stop her from helping her country. War is dangerous, and sometimes you must put yourself in danger to help others.

I Spy Bletchley Park is a novel with a very different perspective of  WW2 and one I would highly recommend.

I Spy Bletchley Park is available now via Amazon online and all good book shops.

Thank You to lovereading.co.uk who sent me a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.