Wednesday 31 March 2021

[Blog tour] Review - The Perfect Nanny by Karen Clarke and Amanda Brittany

The Perfect Nanny by Karen Clarke and Amanda Brittany
Publisher: HQ Digital
Release date: 31 March 2021
Back cover blurb: You trust her with your home, your husband, your baby… but she is about to destroy it all. Sophy Pemberton is struggling to cope with the pressures of becoming a new mother. Her nine-month-old son never settles in her arms and the unrelenting tiredness from late night feeds is all consuming. So, when Liv Granger from the mother and baby group offers her services as a nanny, Sophy is overcome with relief. Now she can finally get some sleep… She can stop failing at being a mother. But Liv has a secret. She is convinced that Sophy was accountable for her brother’s tragic death and she has been searching for her for years. And now that Liv’s found her, she’s outraged Sophy seems oblivious to the pain she has caused her family. Sophy’s perfect house, perfect husband and perfect baby are too much for Liv to bear… and she’s going to make her pay.

Liv Granger is still grieving the death of her brother more than a decade on when she takes a job as a nanny in an affluent area. Although very much adored by the little girl that she is looking after, she is under appreciated by the family, and actually has an ulterior motive for being in the area.

Sophy Pemberton lives streets away from Liv, so when Liv glances her across the room at a Mother and Baby meeting she attends and sees how much she is struggling with her little boy, she knows what she must do.

Offering her services to Sophy is easy, she desperately wants to leave the family she is with, and Sophy desperately needs help, although she won't admit it. But Liv also has another reason for wanting to get close to Sophy - revenge for her brother's death. For Liv is convinced that Sophy is the person responsible.

Once inside the family home, Liv is intent on causing Sophy pain by any means possible, whether it's stealing a necklace, or leaving an anonymous note about her overpowering mother in law causing Sophy unnecessary worry.

Or is it unnecessary...

Because it seems like something else is going on in the Pemberton household, that neither Sophy or Liv are aware of, and if they don't act fast then it could be dangerous for all involved. The Perfect Nanny is a quick, thrilling and enjoyable read, with some decent twists and turns.

The Perfect Nanny is available now via Amazon online and to pre-order from all good book shops.

Thank You to the publishers who sent me an advanced copy of the Perfect Nanny in exchange for an honest review.

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