Monday 19 April 2021

Review - The Good Neighbour by R.J. Parker

The Good Neighbour by R.J. Parker
Publisher: One More Chapter (Harper Collins UK)
Release date: 18 March 2021
Back cover blurb: He isn’t who you think he is… When Leah Talbot crashes her car one night, she spots a light on in a nearby house and approaches, hoping that someone is home. He is. Charming, handsome, Martin Tate answers the door to the bedraggled and traumatised Leah, inviting her in. Though she’s not there for long, Leah feels an indescribable pull to the man who has helped in her hour of need. But when she returns the next morning to say thank you, it isn’t Martin who answers the door this time. It’s the police. There’s been a brutal murder and the female homeowner is lying dead in a pool of blood upstairs in bed. There’s no sign of Martin… Until he comes looking for Leah.

Leah Talbot is only minutes away from home when she hits a deer and is forced to abandon her vehicle at the side of the road. The conditions are awful, so she walks to the nearest house for help, clearly in shock, and is allowed to use the telephone and await the vehicle recovery services in the kind strangers home.

Martin Tate does everything he can to make Leah feel at ease, and despite her fear she feels a magnetic pull towards him. But that could be because it's valentine's night, she can't get hold of her husband, has no idea where he is in fact, and this stranger is being kinder to her than anyone has been in years.

When Leah returns the next day to gift a bottle of wine to her neighbour, he has gone and instead the police are on the doorstep wanting to know why she is at the house of a murdered woman. 

Martin Tate is nowhere to be seen.

Leah is understandably shocked, and more than a little confused as she explains the previous nights events to the police. They tell her not to worry, that they will look after her, and her husband, whilst they attempt to find Tate, their prime suspect.

Leah is pacified by this, until she gets a phone call from Tate, and then the real 'fun' begins ....

The Good Neighbour is an addictive read, that will keep you hooked until the end.

The Good Neighbour is available now via Amazon online and all good book shops.

Thank You to the publishers who approved my request via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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