Thursday 6 January 2022

Review - Both of You by Adele Parks

Both of You by Adele Parks
Publisher: HQ
Release date: 6 January 2022
Back cover blurb: Happy. Married. Missing. Leigh Fletcher, devoted wife and stepmum, goes to work one day and never returns home. Same week, different world … Kai Janssen leaves her sexy, wealthy husband and their luxurious penthouse, and vanishes into thin air. Both husbands seem distraught, claiming they have no idea where their wives have gone. DC Clements wants answers. Did these women run away or were they taken? Most importantly, where are they now? When the detective discovers a shocking link between the missing women, it’s clear the truth can devastate. Now Clements must work against a ticking clock, before both wives disappear forever. The Sunday Times Number One bestseller Adele Parks returns with her most provocative book to date: Both Of You.

Both of You is the perfect novel for me to recommence book blogging with, after all as any regular/previous readers of my blog will know, Adele Parks is my absolute favourite author. 

I actually read this novel last year in hard back, but unfortunately didn’t get round to publishing my review. So publication day for the paperback version seemed like the perfect day to post!

I know it probably seems like I say this after every one of Adele's new books, but I think this is my favourite to date - proof that she just keeps getting better and better I guess?!

Both of You is quite a hard novel to review without giving too much away, but I'll do my best ... I'm a little of practice now.

Leigh Fletcher, devoted wife to Mark and step mum to two boys, goes to work one day and never returns. Sure, she left on bad terms, but it's not like they haven't argued before. Who can say that they've never left the house in a huff?

Kai Jensen, devoted wife to Daan is reported missing by her seemingly distraught husband in the same week. She has simply vanished into thin air.

DC Clements now has responsibility for these two women, and she wants answers. 

Do these two women know each other?

Did these women run away, or were they taken? 

More importantly, where are they now? 

Everyone knows that in missing person cases it is usually the partner involved, so DC Clements' suspicions naturally lie there. She isn't sure that the cases are connected, but they are very close in time, even if the women seemingly have nothing else in common. 

People don't just disappear...  do they?

Both of You is available now via Amazon online and all good book shops.

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