Tuesday 15 March 2022

Review - Nine Lives by Peter Swanson

Nine Lives by Peter Swanson
Publisher: Faber and Faber Ltd
Release date: 3 March 2022
Back cover blurb: If you’re on the list you’re marked for death. The envelope is unremarkable. There is no return address. It contains a single, folded, sheet of white paper. The envelope drops through the mail slot like any other piece of post. But for the nine complete strangers who receive it – each of them recognising just one name, their own, on the enclosed list – it will be the most life altering letter they ever receive. It could also be the last, as one by one, they start to meet their end. But why?

Nine Lives is another great read from Peter Swanson. A fast paced thriller, full of surprises that will leave you wanting more.

Nine individual's unknown to each other receive a hand addressed envelope to them in the mail. Inside is a single piece of paper with a list containing nine names, including theirs. 

But what does it mean?

At first the recipients believe it's a simple administrative error - a mail shot gone wrong perhaps. As they are unaware that there are nine identical letters out there including their own. 

When one person from the list dies unexpectedly, the local police believe it was an accident. Then they find a scrunched up list of nine people in the victims hand, including the name of the victim, and they wonder if the two things are connected.

FBI Agent Jessica Winslow is one the first to hear about Frank Hopkins' death, and is immediately on alert. She recognises his name from a list she recieved in the mail, unexpectedly with her own on it and eight strangers.

She thought her detectives mind was working overtime when she immediately placed it into an evidence bag, thought she was overreacting when she considered the list 'suspicious' and possibly a list of names that someone wanted dead.

Now she knows for sure that she was right. But as there is only one victim so far, who will believe her?

Jessica knows that she must keep herself safe to try and keep the others on the list safe, so begins to try and track them down. Some of them don't want to be found, and some of them are already in danger...

Nine Lives is available now via Amazon online and all good bookshops.

Thank You to the publishers who approved my request via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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