Wednesday 18 October 2023

Review - the Babysitter by Emma Curtis

the Babysitter by Emma Curtis
Publisher: Atlantic Books
Release date: 5 October 2023
Back cover blurb: Three women. Three secrets. Claudia's life imploded ten years ago when she was convicted of the murder of her child. Now she has done the unthinkable and confessed to manslaughter in order to be granted parole - her only hope of finding out what really happened to Tilly. Sara is married to Joe, Claudia's ex-husband, and they have a young child together. She finally has everything she ever wanted, but Claudia's release threatens the perfect life she has created. Anna was the babysitter who let Claudia and Joe down on day their daughter disappeared. Married with a child of her own, Claudia's reappearance in her quiet cul-de-sac is an unwelcome surprise. These three women are tied together in more ways than they realize. But only one of them is capable of killing.

I've not read any of Emma Curtis' previous work, but I will be sure to look out for this author in future. The Babysitter is a cleverly plotted thriller that will have you second guessing every character and their motives.

Claudia's life was destroyed ten years ago when she was convicted of the murder of her 8 month old daughter Tilly. She doesn't know what happened to her daughter all those years ago. She had let a woman she believed to be the babysitter into her house, turned her back to take a phone call, and her daughter was gone.

Having been imprisoned for ten years, she reluctantly admits her guilt in order to be granted parole. In reality, she is determined to find out what happened to Tilly, and is hopeful that her daughter is still alive.

No one wants Claudia to be released, the media storm around the time of her conviction centered on her irresponsibility as a parent, and her mental health status at the time. Her now ex-husband Joe, has remarried and has a young daughter. Her Mother and Stepfather out of the country to avoid another media storm.

Claudia knows that she must not break the conditions of her parole, or she'll be sent back to prison. But she must speak with Joe and convince him of her innocence, as he's the only person who can truly help her find their daughter.

As soon as she is able to, she contacts him. Joe doesn't want his life turned upside down, and tells Claudia to stay away. But his reasons for doing so are not as straightforward as Claudia might think. 

Sara his new wife is threatened by Claudia. Although she knows deep down that Joe loves her and believes in Claudia's guilt, she can't help but feel insecure by her release. She doesn't want her husband meeting her ex. But is there another reason for wanting Joe to stay away from Claudia.

Meanwhile Anna, who should have been the babysitter that night hates Claudia even more than Sara. But what possible motive could she have for this? Does she know more about that night that she is letting on?

There's no doubt that Claudia was safer in prison, but she will she be able to get to the bottom of her daughter's disappearance before her actions get her recalled, or worse?

The Babysitter is available now via Amazon online and all good book shops.

Thank You to the publishers who approved my request via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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