Monday 1 July 2024

Review - Bad Tourists by Caro Carver

Bad Tourists by Caro Carver
Publisher: Bantam
Release date: 4 July 2024
Back cover blurb: Best friends Darcy, Camilla and Kate have just landed in to the Maldives for a luxury holiday at the exclusive Sapphire Island Resort. They can't wait for ten days of scorching sun, crystal-clear waters, white-sand beaches - and the chance to put a traumatic shared past behind them. But what awaits them is a murderous revenge plot that none of them saw coming. Or did they?

Bad Tourists is not really a novel about tourists at all. It’s about a group of friends who go on a once in a lifetime holiday to the Maldives and come back very different people... 

Best Friends Darcy, Camilla and Kate are all in the Maldives 'celebrating' Darcy's divorce finally coming through. 

But they are also all together to support each other through the 22nd anniversary of a B&B massacre which Kate survived and Camilla and Darcy both lost loved ones.

The tragedy and subsequent investigation was overshadowed by 9/11 happening the very next day, and none of the group feel that they ever seen justice or had closure.

They’ve hired a private investigator to try and find out more about what happened on that fateful day. But what happens when that person discovers something unthinkable that's been hidden for years and changes everything they thought they knew.

Their friendship seems strong, but how well do they really know each other?

There are a lot of twists in this novel to keep you guessing, even if the ending does seem a little off the wall!

Bad Tourists is available from 4 July via Amazon online and all good book shops.

Thank You to the publishers who approved my request via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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