Friday 30 August 2013

Review: One False Move by Harlan Coben

One False Move by Harlan Coben
Publisher: Orion Books Ltd
Release Date: 2004
Rating: *****
The back cover blurb: 
Myron Bolitar might have a slightly dubious past, but he knows how to handle himself and is doing just fine as a sports agent. And then he meets Brenda Slaughter, one of the hottest female sports stars around. 

She's gorgeous, funny and single, and also seems to have mislaid her agent. 

But when her father disappears, and the Mob starts leaning on her, it soon becomes apparent that potent forces are at work. 

And the more Myron tries to help, the closer he gets to losing his heart - and his life...

I was introduced to this author whilst on a recent holiday to celebrate my 30th Birthday, I had foolishly not envisaged a trip to the beach and hadn't thought we'd actually get time to read and hadn't bought any books. So I purchased this book from the shop at the Holiday Camp we stayed at, under the guidance of my friend Tara who had read some work by this author before.

I understand the book was first published in 1998, by Hodder & Staughton but the copy I got my hands on was from 2004. I love a good crime novel, and that will be evident when I get around to posting more reviews on here, but I don't like my crime novels to be wishy washy, I like them to have substance, I like not knowing 'who dunnit' right up until the end of the book, and I even sometimes I (as frustrating as it can be) like a twist at the end. This book delivered on all of these levels for me.

The story centres around Myron Bolitar a sports agent, who used to be a famous basketball player before major injury, and Brenda Slaughter an up and coming female basketball player. Brenda, we learn from the off, is in danger, her Father has disappeared and a family secret is at risk of being exposed.

The story is fast paced as Myron becomes Brenda's 'bodyguard' in the hope that he can one day get her onboard as a client. Quickly we learn that Brenda is in real danger. I don't want to give too much of the plot away, suffice to say that Brenda's Fathers disappearance may not be all that it seems.

I was very impressed as a first time reader how Coben manages to keep the plot twisting and turning, so that when you think you've worked something, or somebody out, everything changes again. In my mind that is the mark of a brilliant author, especially in this genre.

I've given the novel a 5 as I thoroughly enjoyed it and would not hesitate to recommend it, and I would definitely read this author again.

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