Wednesday 26 February 2014

B is for Bookbridgr

Today's blog post is about the fabulous new bookish website: Bookbridgr.

Bookbridgr comes to us bloggers from the lovely people at Headline and I just know that it's going to be a massive hit with book blogging community.

So what exactly is Bookbridgr?

Bookbridgr is an online 'resource for book-loving bloggers' which enables you to request review copies of books (both ebooks and hard copies), request exclusive book content (excerpts etc) and author interviews, join on blog tours and connect with publicists. 

Book description/Request page

At the moment, unlike some other sites (i.e. netgalley) Bookbridgr doesn't allow you to see which books you have requested/pending etc. I think this can only be a good thing, although I'm sure others will have divided opinions on this, but I always feel slightly uncomfortable with the whole 'stats' thing on netgalley.

Bookbridgr also allows you to 'bridg' your own content. No matter who the publisher....

As well as posting reviews, you can also submit any author interviews or Q and A sessions that you may have done, any articles or give-aways that you have featured on your blog, any other competitions, book extracts etc.

The more you post, the higher your star rating will become, and any feedback that you post will be sent directly to the publisher. Once you've 'bridged' your content, you will be able to view it on your profile.


Just be aware that once you have posted your content, it cannot be amended, but for me, that's a minor thing. I always make sure I've checked something before I post it anyway.

It is early days for Bookbridgr at the moment, and the site is currently only available for bloggers in the UK and ROI. I believe that registration is being staggered, so you may just need to be a little patient if you do sign up. I can forsee great things for Bookbridgr.

It is wrong to be a little bit in love with a bookish website?

Oh well. Too late.

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You can find out more about Bookbridgr here.

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