Friday 6 November 2015

Review: Liar Liar by M.J. Arlidge

Liar Liar by M.J. Arlidge
Publisher: Michael Joseph (Penguin UK)
Release date: 10 September 2015
Rating: ****
Back cover blurb:
In the dead of night, three raging fires light up the city skies. It's more than a tragic coincidence. For DI Helen Grace the flames announce the arrival of an evil she has never encountered before. Because this is no firestarter seeking sick thrills, but something more chilling: a series of careful, calculating acts of murder. But why were the victims chosen? What's driving the killer? And who will be next? A powder keg of fear, suspicion and dread has been laid. Now all it needs is a spark to set it off... 

Liar Liar is the 4th novel in M.J. Arlidge’s DI Helen Grace series. It could be read as a standalone, but Arlidge’s previous novels are all brilliant, so if you haven’t read them already it’s definitely worth catching up.

Liar Liar opens with Helen being called to investigate what looks like a targeted arson attack on a family home in Southampton, but quickly it becomes apparent that two commercial properties have also been subject to arson.

Are the three fires linked, or is it just a coincidence that the fires are on the same evening?

The following evening three more fires are set in a similar pattern, leaving Helen in no doubt that someone is intent on destroying Southampton’s families and businesses.

But why would anyone want to do such a thing?

Neither of the families have any enemies to speak of, so when the arsonist takes to targeting single mothers the Police are even more perplexed.

Is the arsonist just a glory hunter interested in the press speculation and intrigue, or are they just interested in destruction?

DI Grace and her team must find the answers to these questions, and fast.

Liar Liar is a gripping and intense thriller that really puts the reader at the heart of the action showcasing just how devastating fire can be. It also cleverly explores what can happen when the wrong person is accused of a crime, and what happens when it is the person you least expect.

Liar Liar is available to buy now from Amazon online and all good book shops.

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Thank you to the publishers who approved my request via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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