Tuesday 21 August 2018

Review - Do not disturb by Claire Douglas

Do not disturb by Claire Douglas
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Release date: 9 August 2018
Back cover blurb: COULD YOUR DREAM HOME BE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE? After what happened in London, Kirsty needs a fresh start with her family. And running a guesthouse in the Welsh mountains sounds idyllic. But then their first guest arrives. Selena is the last person Kirsty wants to see. It's seventeen years since she tore everything apart. Why has she chosen now to walk back into Kirsty's life? Is Selena running from something too? Or is there an even darker reason for her visit? Because Kirsty knows that once you invite trouble into your home, it can be murder getting rid of it...

When Kirsty moves her family to a remote location in the Welsh mountains she believes that it will help them all. The family have been through a traumatic time of late, and running a guesthouse together is just the project to bring Kirsty and her husband together.

The only potential cloud on their bright new horizon is Kirsty’s Mother. She is investigating in the project heavily, and the family need her financial help, but perhaps not her slightly overbearing motherly guidance.

Particularly not when she mentions that she has secured them a guest, an old family friend, one Kirsty thought she’d never see again after a falling out as teenagers. One that she doesn’t particularly wish to see again...

Kirsty’s Mother has no idea of the secrets and tensions between Kirsty and Selena, and doesn’t understand why they can’t just get on which each other. But Selena is and always has been troublesome. Kirsty doesn’t want her in her home, potentially jeopardising her business before it’s even got off the ground.

Do Not Disturb is a wholly believable tale of complicated family relationships, betrayal, depression and many things in between. It is a twisty, turny delight of a novel and I look forward to the authors next.

Do Not Disturb is available now via Amazon online and all good book shops.
Thank You to the publishers who approved my request via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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