Friday 5 July 2019

Review - I Looked Away by Jane Corry

I Looked Away by Jane Corry
Publisher: Penguin Books
Release date: 27 June 2019
Back cover blurb: THE GRIPPING NEW THRILLER FROM THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF MY HUSBAND'S WIFE AND THE DEAD EX. Every Monday, 49-year-old Ellie looks after her grandson Josh. She loves him more than anyone else in the world. The only thing that can mar her happiness is her husband's affair. But he swears it's over now, and Ellie has decided to be thankful for what she's got...Then one day, while she's looking after Josh, her husband gets a call from that woman. And just for a moment, Ellie takes her eyes off her grandson. The accident that happens will change her life forever. Because Ellie is hiding something in her past. And what looks like an accident could start to look like murder . . .

I think this is my favourite Jane Corry novel to date. As with all Jane's novels, it is a plausible plot focusing on how life can change in an instant with a momentary lapse of concentration. Family relationships are also explored, how easily we are influenced from a young age, and how we are bought up defines our future.

The novel is told mainly from two perspectives, those of Ellie and Jo.

Ellie is determined to focus on the positives in her life, even after her husband's latest affair. She cannot let her family be torn apart. She has a charmed life otherwise, and she knows it, a lovely house, a beautiful grandson and two beautiful children.

Jo is living on the streets, living a polar opposite life to Ellie. She moves from city to city, seemingly determined to get away from someone, or something. Something terrible has happened in both Jo and Ellie's past, and we believe at first that this is the only thing connecting these two characters.

But their lives are connected in a way that you wouldn't think possible, until the final stages of the novel, when all becomes clear, and you wonder how you didn't see the connections before. I Looked Away feels very real, and is wonderfully written.

Jane Corry's writing style always has me gripped from the first page, and I Looked Away is no exception.

I Looked Away is available now via Amazon online and all good book shops.

Thank You to the publishers who approved my request via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.