Friday 17 April 2020

Review - The Silent House by Nell Pattison

The Silent House by Nell Pattison
Publisher: Avon Books UK
Release date: 1 March 2020
Back cover blurb: If someone was in your house, you’d know . . . Wouldn’t you? But the Hunter family are deaf, and don’t hear a thing when a shocking crime takes place in the middle of the night. Instead, they wake up to their worst nightmare: the murder of their daughter. The police call Paige Northwood to the scene to interpret for the witnesses. They’re in shock, but Paige senses the Hunters are hiding something. One by one, people from Paige’s community start to fall under suspicion. But who would kill a little girl? Was it an intruder? Or was the murderer closer to home? This mystery will keep you up all night – perfect for fans of The Silent Patient and Cara Hunter

The Hunter Family are deaf, and don't hear a thing when a shocking crime takes place in their house in the middle of the night.

They wake up to find their baby daughter has been murdered, brutally whilst she was sleeping.

The Police are unable to communicate with the family who are naturally shocked and devastated at their daughter's death.

Paige Northwood, a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter is bought in to assist the Police in communicating with the family. After all most murders that take place in a domestic setting are carried out by a member of the family. 

The Deaf Community is a small one, and Paige shouldn't really be involved, given that she is aware of the family, however BSL interpreters are few and far between and Paige's skills are needed.

But it is Paige's knowledge of the family that help the Police on to the right track after many false starts in the investigation. 

Although she is far too close to the investigation at times, Paige is essential to uncovering the truth.

This was such a twisty, turny book that I really didn't know or what who to believe, but I think that was kind of the point, as this was the dilemma that Paige herself faces a lot of the time.

The Silent House is available now from Amazon online and all good book shops.

Thank You to the publishers who approved my request via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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