Thursday 10 March 2022

Review - What his Wife knew by Jo Jakeman

What his Wife knew by Jo Jakeman
Publisher: Vintage
Release date: 17 February 2022
Back cover blurb: Sorry. Beth Lomas thought she knew her late husband. But this one small word, written on the back of a discarded envelope and left on their kitchen table convinces the police that Oscar took his own life. As the police announce they are not seeking anyone else in connection with Oscar's death, Beth is convinced that there is more to the story. As she sets out to discover what really happened, Beth uncovers shocking truths about the man she thought she knew better than anyone. In their small town it seems like every stone she turns hides an ugly secret and it's not long before her own dark past begins to rise to the surface. What His Wife Knew is an enthralling, page-turning mystery concerned with what it means to love, and the importance of female friendship in the face of the darkest situations life can throw at us.

What his Wife Knew is a first for me from Jo Jakeman, but it certainly won't be my last. 

Beth Lomas thought she knew her husband. It isn't until the police turn up on her doorstep informing her that he has taken his own life, that she realises she didn't know him at all.

But it takes Beth some time to come to this conclusion. Her first thought, is that it can't possibly be her husband, he just wouldn't do it. Beth is convinced that there is more to it. The Police are certain it was suicide.

It isn't until Beth looks back on the week leading up to her husband's death that she begins to realise that perhaps not everything has been as it may have seemed. Her husband seems to have had money troubles, then she begins to uncover an affair. All these things point to someone looking for a way out ...

But Beth knows her husband, and his personality doesn't fit that of someone looking for an 'easy way out' of whatever troubles he had. She is so insistent that the Police begin to take her doubts seriously, and wonder whether there is more to Oscar Lomas' death.

None of them could have ever expected what they find ...

What his Wife knew is available now via Amazon online and all good book shops.

Thank You to the publishers who approved my request via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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