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Review: It's in their eyes/Hartford by Lorraine Holloway-White

It's in their Eyes by Lorraine Holloway-White
Release date: 1 January 2013
Rating: ****
Back cover blurb: Abused or abuser, it's in their eyes. Gemma was a child who knew all about men's desires, but nothing else of life until she ran away from home. Thanks to William and Louise, her life was to change in ways she never knew existed. Gemma later had an idea, which became her plan. Could she turn it into a reality, or would it forever remain a dream? With her friends Angel, Rose and Maisie she was determined to try. A story that might shock, make you cry or inspire and uplift you. Whichever it does, it is one you will never forget.
So I would never usually review two books in one review post, but as these came to me as a package, I felt it only fair that I review them as a package.

I was very kindly given the chance to read these novels, and was warned that they wouldn't be an easy read. But then nothing involving child abuse is ever going to be 'easy'.

It's in their eyes is hard hitting from it's first sentence. It's first few chapters are indeed quite difficult to read, but it's a story that needs to be told.

Gemma, is one of the lucky few able to escape her abusive home, running away on a whim, and silently praying that she will never have to go back to the home of horrors she has deserted. When William finds her and brings her home to his childless wife Louise, they make the decision to make her their 'daughter' and it is clear that none of their lifes will ever be the same again.

Gemma initally finds it difficult to adjust to the home she has been bought in to, the kindness that William and Louise have shown her, and the fact that there is a life away from the horrors she has been bought up with.

As she matures, she begins to make friends outside of the family home whom her 'parents' do not approve of. But these friends are the start of another journey for Gemma, a journey that will ultimately lead her to Hartford....

Hartford by Lorraine Holloway-White
Release date: 15 July 2014
Rating: ***
Back cover blurb: Paedophilia was not as lucrative as it had been. This story opens with disturbing reality in the first two chapters, before taking us to Hartford where sexually abused children are safely housed and cared for. The very beautiful and determined CeeCee, plus her friends, Maisie, Angel and Rose were first seen in It's in Their Eyes. This much-awaited sequel follows on with their story, again adding twists and turns in ways least expected. Despite accidents and murder, they are determined to continue their work saving as many children as possible. Little do they realise the shockwaves it will bring and just who it is they're upsetting.
Hartford is the follow up novel to 'It's in their Eyes'. As I was sent them together to review, I only felt it fair to review them together, although I am sure they are readable seperately. I think most that had read the aforementioned 'It's in their eyes' would want to follow it up.

Hartford is Gemma's new home (although she no longer goes by that name), left to her when her 'parents' William and Louise were tragically killed in a car crash, leaving Gemma a very rich young lady.

Gemma is determined to put the money she has been left to good use. Using past experiences to draw in some less than favourable characters, Gemma is determined to get those in the wrong sent down for a very long time.
Hartford house is set up as a refuge of sorts for abused children and Gemma works closely with her staff to ensure that these children have everything they need to be able to move on with their lifes and not suffer as she did.
But Gemma's work is not without critique. For there are evil human beings in the world who do not want to see her succeed, as the work she is doing is hindering their sordid activities and fantasies.
Believable in light of the current scandals surrounding notable personalities in the limelight, but at times seeming a little too much. I enjoyed Hartford slightly less than 'It's in their eyes', but a great read nonetheless.
It's in their eyes and Hartford are both available to buy now from Amazon online.
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Thank you to The Book Club who approved my request in exchange for an honest review.

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