Tuesday 5 April 2016

Review: CXVI: Desperate Measures by Angie Smith

CVXI: Desperate Measures by Angie Smith
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing platform
Release date: 13 March 2016
Rating: ****
Back cover blurb: She’s missing – but does she want to be found? It is now three years since Detective Superintendent Greg Woods retired, and his life has been consumed with the desperate search for his former Detective Sergeant, Maria Barnes. This chaotic, and so far unsuccessful quest, has taken its toll on his physical and mental wellbeing. However, he finally receives a knock at the door with what he considers to be his most promising lead. He teams up with a young, spirited and extremely competent hacker, who also holds a vested interest in finding Barnes and his old adversary Faulkner-Brown. What they discover sends shockwaves around the globe and threatens international security. With Woods’ health dramatically failing he knows this is his final chance, success or failure, his last hurrah!

CXVI: Desperate Measures is the third novel of Angie Smith's CXVI Trilogy, and its a cracker!

If you haven't read the first two novels in the series, then this could easily be read as a standalone. But I wouldn't recommend it...

Instead I would thoroughly recommend that you get your hands on the previous two novels and start reading immediately!

Three years on from Secrets Broken, we meet a down and dishevelled retired DSI Greg Woods A broken man, not only from the disappearance of his ex colleague DS Maria Barnes, but also an underlying health problem.

When a young woman turns up on his doorstep claiming to know exactly where Maria is, Woods' first instinct is to throw her out. But she is persuasive and soon Wood finds himself on the way to Antigua with a woman half his age, searching for an ex-colleague.

What follows is a fast paced emotional rollercoaster ride of a novel that will leave you desperately wanting more.

Desperate Measures is the final instalment in the CXVI series. On the one hand, I am extremely sad that this is the last novel of the series, on the other, I am intrigued to see what (if anything) Angie may have up her sleeve next...

Desperate Measures is available now from Amazon online.
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Thank You to the author who provided me with an advance copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

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  1. Whoop! Thank you for this lovely review Vicky I am so pleased and grateful to you for taking the time to read my trilogy. Something is up the sleeve - hopefully it will be out soon, shhhh xx