Saturday 6 January 2018

Review - The Bad Mother by Amanda Brooke

The Bad Mother by Amanda Brooke
Publisher: Harper Collins UK
Release date: 14 December 2017
Back cover blurb: That’s what he wants you to think…  A good mother doesn’t forget things. A good mother isn’t a danger to herself. A good mother isn’t a danger to her baby. You want to be the good mother you dreamed you could be. But you’re not. You’re the bad mother you were destined to become. At least, that what he wants you to believe....

When we first meet Lucy she is clambering over old furniture and debri in her Mothers garage, seeking out her childhood cot. Lucy is keen to use the family heirloom for her unborn child.

Lucy is naturally feeling more than a little bit anxious about the impending new arrival, but her worry runs deeper than first time Mum jitters.

Lucy is forgetting things, things that she and husband Adam have discussed, where she is placing things and she also, more worryingly, leaves the oven on and doors open/ unlocked.

Could it be just a case of her hormones and simply be down to baby-brain, could it be the onset of a more worrying health condition, or could it be... something else more sinister? 

I’ll be brutally honest, I do think I realised what was happening in the relationship fairly early in the novel. However, I do think that this was probably deliberate on behalf of the author, that the reader is able to see what is happening to Lucy before Lucy herself can.

There are occasions in the novel where you will want to take Lucy and gently shake her, but she has just had a baby and there is a chequered family history to consider. Lucy has no reason to doubt anyone is at fault other than herself.

Until Adam's brother appears and turns her world upside down.

The Bad Mother is one of those novels that is practically impossible to review any further without giving anything away, so I will simply say this. You have to read this novel. It is clever, twisty, gripping and manipulative and you won't know who to trust until the very last pages.

The Bad Mother is available to buy now via Amazon online and all good book shops.

Thank You to the Publisher who approved my request via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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